Seed R&D

Established in 2001, COFCO tomato subordinate Tunhe Seed Industry Co., Ltd. integrates processing and breeding of tomato and pepper, breeding of good varieties, demonstration and promotion of new varieties and new technologies, and successively with Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kraft Heinz, and Japan. Established a close cooperative relationship with Bayer Crop Science in Germany, and has been committed to solving the problem of variety differentiation, balanced feeding, mechanized harvesting and product quality in China's processed tomato industry, and strives to fully satisfy customers from the perspective of variety and agricultural technology, to meet the personalized requirements.


After years of innovation and research, it has launched 36 processing tomato varieties in the Tunhe series. It is the first scientific research unit in China to select and promote the application of processed tomato hybrids. The early hybridized hybrid varieties are the first domestically varieties. Breeding and large-scale application of processed tomato varieties suitable for mechanized harvesting in production. Among them, the early-maturing and high-yield varieties selected for breeding are the first hybrid varieties suitable for mechanized harvesting in China, and the high pigmented Tunhe series has filled the domestic blank, and for the first time the use of low-acid and high-viscosity varieties independently selected to produce low-acid and high-viscosity tomato products, rewriting the history of low-acid tomato paste in China, the cumulative planting area of more than 1.8 million acres. It has four authorized patents, eight local standards related to processing tomato industry, fourteen projects of national and local projects, and won two second prizes for scientific and technological progress of the autonomous region, and one China Agriculture Award of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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