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Tomato Powder/Lycopene Po...

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Tomato powder is manufactured with high quality tomato paste produced with fresh tomatoes planted in Xinjiang. The state-of-the-art spray-drying technology is adopted for the production thereof. The powder enriched with lycopene, plant fiber, organic acids and minerals is applied as foods condiments in the areas of baking, soups and nutritional ingredients, all of which is served as a traditional food seasoning to make foods processed more attractive in flavor, color and nutritional value.


Tomato Powder: 10kg X 2bags/carton; 12.5kg X 2bags/carton,

Usage: food seasoning, food coloring.

Lycopene Oleoresin: 6kg/jar, 6% lycopene.

Usage: raw material for healthy food, food additives, and cosmetics.

Lycopene Powder: 5kg/pouch, 1kg/pouch, both 5% lycopene each.

Usage: raw material for healthy food, food additives, and cosmetics.

Concentrate Apricot Puree

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Apricot puree concentrate made by COFCO Tomato is manufactured with fresh apricot fruits planted in Xinjiang, with unique strong apricot flavor and aroma. The product passed the authentications of ISO9001, HACCP and BRC, in line with the advanced international product standards and quality requirements. The product has been selling well domestically, and overseas countries such as ASEAN, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, European countries.


Packing:in 220L or 20Kg aseptic bags in steel drums or carton, lined with plastic bags

Brix: 30-32%

Chili Paste

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With the annual production capacity of 15,000mt, the chili paste is featured with the bright red color and higher pungency, for which the chilies varieties are specially bred by the professional competent seeds suppliers. For the high quality chili paste fine in its texture being produced, in line with COFCO Tomato’s advanced quality assurance system on raw materials, the whole chili paste production course are strictly controlled well in terms of fresh chilies hands-picking, delivery, sorting and further processing.


Chili Paste: with regular pungency, SHU1,500-3,500

Chili Paste: with higher pungency, SHU5,000 or above

Product Packing: in 220L or 20Kg aseptic bags in steel drums or carton, lined with plastic bags

Bulk packing tomato paste

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The bulk packing tomato paste is the basic raw material of various tomato products, and is processed from high-quality tomatoes. The regular tomato paste and upscale tomato paste like types of super hot break, super cold break, low acid, etc., can satisfy the high-quality and personalized requirement of different regional markets around the world, and the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world.


Packing:220L steel drums, bins Brix:

28-30% CB

36-38% CB

28-30% HB

30-32% HB

28-30% WB

36-38% SCB

27-29% SHB

28-30% SHB

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