Production And Processing

The processing of tomato uses the equipment and technology of world-class companies such as Italy and the United States. It can produce 300,000 tons of Bulk package tomato paste, 4,500 tons of tomato powder, 10 tons of tomato oleoresin, 3,500 tons of concentrated apricot puree and 15,000 tons of chili paste. Direct packed 25,000 tons of small packaged ketchup and diced fruit.

International standardized factory management: Process control and production in accordance with international standards, has achieved full process traceability, fully automatic control of production and processing mode.

Cleaner production: Through cooperation with internationally renowned companies, COFCO Tomato has formed a set of self-owned tomato raw material receiving, sand removal, four-stage water, spray, and flow delivery system, and clean production is at the domestic advanced level.

Own processing technology: such as transient enzyme passivation, skin residue re-extraction, separation of tomato fiber, etc., can produce high-end products and conventional products such as super-viscous heat break, super-viscous cold break, low acid, etc., to meet the requests of different customers around the world, can provide users with a variety of specifications, high quality, safe and reliable ketchup products.

Flow Chart

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