Agricultural Planting

From the field to the table, the whole industry chain orders agricultural management and control mode: from the seed supply to the factory acquisition process, the whole process is monitored, and the seed-field-factory-table can be traced all the way, planting safety and high-yield raw materials, and realizing the Win-win situation for both factory and farmers. To lay a good foundation for the stable development of the Chinese tomato industry.

Promote the mechanization process of the tomato industry: The company's self-purchased tomato harvesting machine and related supporting machinery are used to promote modern agriculture and promote the upgrading and development of the tomato industry. The machine picking tomatoes from scratch has effectively solved the labor intensity problem and improved the income of tomato growers.

Promote sustainable agricultural development: through sustainable agricultural certification, soil testing and fertilizer testing, saving water and energy, strengthening pest control, reducing pesticide discharge, promoting scientific planting, ensuring food safety and strengthening environmental protection.

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