Agricultural Planting

Choose a good planting area: COFCO's tomato planting area is located in the golden tomato planting belt near 40 degrees north latitude.  Hundreds of thousands of mu of selected tomato varieties grow in the fertile fields of the northern and southern plains of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang and the Hetao Plain in Inner Mongolia.  Here is a typical continental climate, with large temperature difference between day and night, sufficient sunshine, dry air, and unique sandy soil, which provides unique natural conditions for the planting of high-quality tomatoes.
The order agriculture mode of the full industrial chain from the field to the table: the whole process of monitoring from the seed supply to the raw material procurement of the factory, realizing the traceability of the whole process of the “seed-field-factory-table”, planting and supplying safe and high-yield raw materials, realizing the win-win situation between the factory and the farmers, and laying a good raw material foundation for the stable development of China's processing tomato industry.
Promote the mechanization process of tomato industry: The company initially used self-purchased tomato harvesters and related supporting machinery to promote modern agriculture and drive the upgrading and development of processing tomato industry.  Mechanically harvested tomatoes developed from scratch, then from there to the good, effectively solve the problem of labor intensity and improve the income of tomato growers.
Promote sustainable agricultural development: Through soil testing and fertilization, water conservation and energy conservation, scientific and precise plant protection, to reduce agricultural input, agricultural residues and emissions, promote scientific planting, ensure food safety, strengthen environmental protection, COFCO Tomato has passed sustainable agricultural certification for many years in succession, and promoting sustainable agricultural development.
Promote the development of agricultural informatization and modernization: From the development and application of agricultural convergence system to the information dispatching system of harvesting and transportation, the application of planting, harvesting and transportation informatization has greatly improved the accuracy of agricultural production management, the yield and quality of tomatoes have reached a great level, and the time from harvesting to processing of raw materials has been significantly reduced, resulting in less transportation losses and fresher tomatoes, forming a win-win situation. 

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